Hand Cooked Savoury Snack

About us

Novofood Ltd is a small independent business, founded in 2018 to source and supply delicious snacks and food following the trends of modern diets.

We aim to provide the highest possible standard of service to all our customers, whether you’re ordering a few packs, several cases, or a full pallet.


People love Birra Chips snacks! You’ll love them too!

Birra Chips are appetizing to look at but once you begin to eat them you simply cannot stop until they are all gone. Birra Chips have a taste which stays in your mouth for sometime after they are eaten. The crunch in them is not too hard and not too soft but perfect. I must admit that I have become quite addicted to them and often crave them, but not in a bad way but in a healthy way as these are a healthy snack which is not only moorish but also good for you with its natural ingredients and taste. 
I would recommend a pack when enjoying a beer or two! Farah C.

from East Croydon, London

Birra Chips are a tasty and crunchy treat that are also healthy. I enjoy every packet I eat! Kat

from Newham, London

Birra Chips are an amazing tasty snack! They are crunchy, irresistible and extremely moreish. This snack not only taste great, but they are an healthy, satisfying alternative to crisps and nuts. Shelly D.

from Newham, London

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